5 Steps To Become An Awesome Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Player

5 Steps To Become An Awesome Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Player

Counter-strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular games in the world. The entire series is the reason why our country has some sort of presence on Steam, selling more than 1 million copies. With so many people in the game, you can be sure that there is a huge discrepancy in the skill level from one player to another, which is highly noticeable in Ranked mode, where lately you probably got demoted to Silver because Valve has made some significant changes to the ranking system.

But don’t be afraid, because there are other ways to get your rank up. And I’m not referring to hacks. Below you can find a list with 5 steps you need to follow in order to become the best CS: GO player. All you have to do is to pay attention to these steps and altogether, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will become a highly different and more enjoyable experience for you.

1. Give up the idea that you will become a better counter-strike player

Let’s face it. A game like counter-strike gets funnier when quitting the idea that you need to constantly improve. To become the ultimate player, you have to spend days, weeks, months, maybe even years practicing. You’re doing nothing else but memorizing the frames of the reloading animation, so you know exactly how much time you get in milliseconds until you can dash towards point B, to kill an opponent who probably realized he joined a wrong server. But if you stop doing that, stop giving up the idea of doing everything perfect, suddenly, everything changes. The stress associated with a ranked match disappears, because no matter how terrible you play, you know you did all you could and that you do not care about the end result anyway.

2. Avoid hackers

As you probably are aware by now, one of the biggest problems of the game is the high number of hackers. If you are unlucky, you can join a game where there are more than one, and despite the funny situation when they are trying to kill each other with AWP through walls, that already implies that you and the rest of the players already have been killed without seeing who or what hit you. Even so, one hacker is enough to ruin your day. So what is the solution? Quit the game. Ask your teammates to kick you. Attack a teammate in the first 10 seconds of the game with your knife. There are numerous ways to get removed from a match, but don’t do it before you report the cheater. With a little luck, your report will result in a permanent ban on the hacker’s account.

3. Stop playing Ranked Mode

Ranked mode itself is stressful. After all, you’re under constant pressure and each time your team dies, you are being watched and you will be judged for every single move. Then some tend to scream “clutch or kick” or some term you never heard about, although you’re playing CS since you got it from XtremePC. If you lose, especially if you made a small mistake, you’ll feel like you’ve caused the 3rd World War, or like the fate of all mankind was decided by your action and you have plunged the civilization into an eternity of darkness and suffering. It is a very unpleasant feeling, which is not really present in other game modes. And Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has numerous other game modes. Arms Race is very funny, Deathmatch has its moments. Same goes for Demolition, and those who still want something similar to Ranked, Casual is the way to go. There are dozens, even hundreds, of other game modes and custom maps made by the community. Stress-free, no offense, no cursing, no caring, as a game should be.

4. Turn off Voice Chat or the Chat in general

Communication is vital in Counter-Strike, which is why most of the players are using voice chat to swear or yell obscenities and various random words that have no meaning. Some will put music, others simply have microphones that sound as if one of those 4 million years old vases, which says that when they were done, the vibrations around them were recorded on their surface as a sound drum. The text chat is not an option either, as it is being spammed with messages in Russian that start with C and ends in “YKA BLYAT”, usually sent from 12 years old kids that somehow at 11 o’clock they are not sleeping. That brings us to the next idea.

5. Avoid players under 16, Russians, Poles, Greeks, French, Italians, people you don’t know, every CS: GO player in general

They say the fastest way to learn Russian is start playing Counter-Strike and DotA 2… That’s not really true, however, you can learn every single curse. You can’t get rid of them. And even when they can’t insult you directly, they are playing as if their only reason to exist is to mock you. Playing with your friends is not an option either because everyone tends to play at the end of the day when they are tired and basically plays like a cat would walk on their keyboard, or probably they have felt asleep and is the cat you are playing with.

Bonus: Quit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive altogether

Let’s face it, you’ll be less stressed and less irritated if you simply go play The Settlers 2.



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