5 Reasons to buy an iPhone X

Since it was first unveiled, we have been hearing a lot about the iPhone X and if there are good reasons to buy it. There are a lot of loyal iPhone fans who have been eagerly waiting for the release of the iPhone X simply because it sounds too cool, offers some very exciting features and has a bigger battery. The large screen, the brilliant display, and the perfect camera makes it very interesting and also has most users pick this phone over the iPhone 8.

If you are planning to buy this phone, then you already know how cool it is. But if you are unsure and don’t know if you should go for the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X then we have a few points that can help you decide. Here are 5 reasons why the iPhone X is better not just than the iPhone 8 but most phones on the market.

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Reasons to buy an iPhone X

The OLED Screen Stands Out

iPhone X

Edge to edge display isn’t a new feature. It has been used by Android devices in the past but using the technology to bring an amazing piece of hardware to the users requires precision and hard work. This is visible on the iPhone X. Anyone who has held it knows the difference. The phone’s display is simply perfect.

The 2436 x 1125 resolution at 458 ppi makes the 5.8-inch screen outstanding. With that in mind, it is no wonder why the large screen and the beauty of the display can easily attract attention.

Face ID Seems Futuristic

Users have their own doubts about Face ID and it seems valid to a certain extent but it really is a cool technology. Touch ID wasn’t quickly accepted either. It took us some period of time to get used to it and to finally feel safe using this technology. Similarly, Face ID is in the early stages of acceptance.

Being able to use tech like this seems totally futuristic. After all, this is what sci-fi movies have been all about and here we are in the midst of experiencing such stuff. Many see it as one of the biggest reasons to buy an iPhone X.

The Cameras Are More Powerful

The front and back cameras have gained a lot of importance in phones. We’ve ditched our point and clicks for the nifty cameras and photo-editing apps that are included in our phones. So many people decide to buy a specific model because of the camera. If you happen to like taking pictures on your phone then the iPhone X will grant you an extremely gratifying experience.

The front camera module includes an infrared camera, a flood illuminator, a proximity sensor, and a 7-megapixel camera among other details which help the iPhone X capture amazing photos with its front camera. It is being called the TrueDepth camera and it certainly has a lot of power to it.

The dual camera at the back is awesome as well. Optical Image Stabilization (IOS) is available on both the cameras while the iPhone 8 features it on the wide-angle camera only. More phones are adopting the dual camera technology, but few phones are able to totally live up to it. The amazing photos clicked on the iPhone X are truly incomparable.

Animojis Are Fun

The first time you use an Animoji, you will realize how addictive it could get. A cartoon character of your choice will replicate your expression and the actions of your face making you fall in love with this technology. Animoji is a feature that certainly deserves attention.

They are childish in nature, yet have some deep tech being used in the background to make it possible. The TrueDepth components used in the camera help in making Animojis work.

You Will Get a Bigger Battery

Can you say no to a bigger battery? The iPhone X has a 2,716 mAh battery which is certainly bigger than the battery on two phones released along with it – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X can last longer and even power users may be able to use it through the day without having to rely on a backup or carry a charger around. The OLED display is also known to be more power-efficient than LCD displays. This makes the iPhone X a good contender for people who are looking for a good phone with adequate battery life.



The iPhone X is expensive. There is no doubt that it is going to be a substantial investment. These 5 reasons to buy an iPhone X prove how much value they offer for the price. While you may end up paying more money, you will be getting more features too. The iPhone X stands out and if you have been a loyal Apple user then chances are that you may want to have the best and most expensive phone Apple ever made. Get your hands on the iPhone X for outstanding features, reliable battery life, and great design.

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