5 Of The Best IPhone Apps For New Moms

One of the happiest moments in the life of any female is the arrival of their first kid. No matter how stressful keeping a baby may be, the new mom always is always overjoyed to finally have a baby of hers. But, the problem arrives when you decide to make your child’s life more colorful. Apparently there is no need for you to worry at all! A list of the most amazing 5 iPhone apps are listed below for you and your kid’s convenience.


Best iPhone apps for new moms

Toddler Cards

Taking teaching your kid animals and new words to a whole new easier level this app allows you to toggle between animal names, colors and language translations. Yes, language translations as well! While your toddler can know what a sheep is in English he or she can also learn it in Spanish: ‘la oveja’.


White Noise Baby $0.99

Is your toddler restless and is not sleeping? If your kid isn’t sleeping you won’t be able to sleep either! The iPhone app White Noise allows there to be a calming background noise for your kid. It could be either the sound of a steady pitter-patter of rain or the voice of an oscillating fan. Any one of those can be of great comfort to your kid. Another app that is called aSleep Kids which charges only $.99 has a variety of 15 calming songs for the relaxation of the kid’s mind.


Lose It

This one isn’t for your kid but for you yourself. After pregnancy and childbirth, a woman loses her normal figure. But, that should not last long for you with the help of this app. After downloading the app you can set a weight loss goal and leave the rest for the app to do. Every day this amazing app will set up for you, your eating plan as well as an exercise routine. Mind you the exercises will not be tough but beginner easy like stationary bicycling. There are over 160 exercises one can choose from.


Baby Tracker

This app is a feeding timer, sleep and diaper logger all in one! With Baby tracker, you can easily monitor the habits of your little one, and it is very simple and easy to use. You can record diaper changes, feedings and sleep patterns of your kid. It supports the Apple Watch as well. The application is free.


Cloud Baby Monitor $3.99

With this app, you can use your iPhone, iPad or Mac as a kid unit in its room, and on the other device as a parent unit so that you can watch your baby. It is secure and easily to use, and it includes popular white noises and lullabies. The app offers live video anywhere, super sensitive audio, noise and motion alerts, night light with remote brightness control. It supports the Apple Watch and you can talk to your baby remotely. Parents love this app!


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