5 First Things To Do With Your New Google Pixel Phone

So, you have already placed an order for the new Pixel phone from Google and waiting to get it in hand? When the phone arrives, the first thing is to it up and then customize it as per your choice to make the device work and look your way. The basic set up can be done easily, especially if you are an Android user. However, there are many other cool things you can do with your new device. It comes with the excellent features, great software and hardware and you will have a lot of fun using it.

The 5 first things that all Pixel phone user should do as soon as the device arrives are explained below.

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The 5 First Things To Do With The New Pixel Phone


Modify Quick settings

Quick setting is one of the great features in every Android Smartphone and Pixel device too has retained that to make things much easier. This feature allows user to disable or enable some common features quickly. And you can edit the quick settings on your new Pixel phone in case you are not satisfied with the way it is arranged. For example, you might want to change the position of some stuff like autorotate button or flashlight in quick settings and this is done in the following way.

Pull down the notification shade, swipe it again to reveal the set of toggles and then tap on pencil icon which will allow you to edit the quick settings. The tiles here can be relocated just by dragging and dropping them in the required areas. The tiles in the top black areas are the active ones while the tiles in the lower section in the grey area are inactive. The first nine toggles that are added in quick settings are shown on the main page while the rest are available on the second page that is just a swipe away. Also, the top six toggles can be tapped any time that require you to pull down the notification shade.

Customize Google Assistant

Google Assistant is no doubt one of the best features that works like a personal assistant and it’s awesome. But you can even get more out of it if the feature is configured as per your need and the new Google Pixel phone allow users doing that. To configure Google Assistant, just press and hold the home button and tap on the menu button located at the top-right corner of the device after which you need to tap on settings. It will allow you to do the following:

  • Turn on or off the Google assistant
  • Select which Google account to be used by you
  • Train the feature to detect your OK Google voice
  • Manage input-output languages
  • From here you can also configure the personal information to which the assistant has access and see the recent activity


Set the camera Interface

The Pixel device comes with an excellent camera interface but making some configuration just after settings up the device will help you snap even more perfect and high quality images in no time. To configure the camera app just open it and at the top right corner on viewfinder you will notice an option for grid lines. Toggle that and you will be able to take the shots and line them up just perfectly. Now look at the left hand side and tap on menu button > settings which will present some advanced options before you.

You can set the panorama resolution to high from there in case you take panoramas. Also, option for setting the back camera video resolution is available there. Ensure if the video stabilization option is on, which will help in taking smooth shots. Apart from these, many other things are there for you to explore which will eventually help you to be an expert in using the device.


Pick your moves

Pixel Imprint is another important feature that can make your job easier by going through some little tricks. Those tricks are built into the fingerprint sensor of the device. But what you need to do is turn them on first.

To do so, go to Settings > Moves and there will be choices for custom moves. Flip camera and jump to camera are two such options available there. The jump to camera option allow the user to launch the camera app in just double tap on the power button while the flip camera option switch in and help you out of the selfie mode through twice twisting the phone.


Get Allo and Duo on the device

If most of your friends and relatives are using iOS then Allo and Duo will be the perfect choice for you that work very much like iMessages and Facetime. Even though the mentioned apps do not actually integrate like Facetime and iMessage but you can still have them to get some great level of experience.

Allo comes with some very accurate auto-response suggestion and it is very similar to that of the Google Assistant while Duo is considered best for video calling if you are facing issues with Skype. Duo and Allo both works best for staying in touch with close friends who are using iPhones or any other iOS device.

So, these are the 5 best things to do with your new Google Pixel phone that ensure you will get the best out of your device. However, apart from these many other tweaks are there doing what you can enjoy the best experience. With use and time, you will be able to explore all the hidden features which will make the Pixel device even more interesting to you.

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