5 Disadvantages And Advantages Of Sprint Epic 4G

Here in this article, we will discuss 5 Disadvantages and Advantages of Sprint Epic 4G. Promising an abundance of new features and classifications, Samsung Sprint Epic 4G is seemingly perfect from all aspects. But, when it comes down to real life users’ experiences, there is a generous balance between the Sprint Epic 4G’s  advantages and disadvantages.

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5 Disadvantages and Advantages of Sprint Epic 4G


Con: Out of sync touch controls backlight

Users who have used the device have experienced that the touch controls include a backlight which does not co-sync with the screen’s actions. This goes to say that there is a slight time difference in the backlight and the successful execution of the user’s action by the device.

Pro: Lightweight

The weight of Samsung Sprint Epic 4G is considerably low. Despite the existence of a slide out keyboard, it is still extremely light. The keyboard gives the device quite an edge over its competitors in both Samsung and other company models.

Con: Processor lag

Another rather obvious disadvantage experienced by users of the Sprint Epic 4G is the occasional lag of the processor. Actions take an instant too long to be carried out. This also affects the running of apps in real time such as Skype or Stocks. Despite the lag being not too large, it still greatly reduces the efficiency of the device.

Pro: Bright glossy AMOLED 4-inch screen

Amongst its contenders in the Samsung S series, the print Epic 4G stands out significantly and not just because of its shocking lightweight. The display of the device is one to be envied. The AMOLED screen is a full 4-inches in size with a classic display complete with an HD resolution, glossy colors and crystal clear brightness.

 Pro: 4G connectivity

Another reason for why so many users are purchasing the Sprint Epic 4G is also because of its 4G connectivity. With not so many devices in the market provisioning this amenity, alongside a slew of advantages and features such as those offered by this device, it definitely increases its demand and market value. It also delivers to the users in a manner that other devices fail.
The other specifications of the phone such as its 5MP camera and the 720HD video recorder are just other reasons for why this phone is rapidly garnering praise and liking from a slew of customers.



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