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5 Common Problems With Galaxy Note 5 And Their Fixes

5 Common Problems With Galaxy Note 5 And Their Fixes 1

Most of the users are really happy with the Galaxy Note 5 but some of them are experiencing issues with the phone. If there is a problem, there is always a solution. In this article, you can find the common problems or issues of the phone such as note 5 call issues, note 5 reception issues, note 5 freezing problems and other note 5 issues and solutions to fix them.

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Problem #1: S Pen Jammed

There is always a risk of inserting your S pen to your note 5 the wrong way and although this was a tricky mistake to be made on the earlier models of galaxy note series, when it comes to this phone you can put in the nib first and then your S pen may actually get stuck. So if you do it that way then the detection feature of the phone gets broken if you pull it out again, so then the S Pen won’t launch the Air command menu or the quick options. So the only solution to the problem is not put your S pen the wrong way.

Problem #2: Wifi will not connect, disconnects or slows down

There are many users who are having difficulty in connecting the Note 5 with Wi-Fi or to any specific network. Others have also had issues with Wi-Fi getting automatically disconnected or slowing down. But the good thing is that you can usually find the fix for that.

Potential solutions are turning it off and on again. Switch off your Note 5 by holding the power button and choose the power off option. You should also turn the router off and on back again. You can go to the notification shade and tap and hold the Wi-Fi or go to the Wi-fi settings under that menu to turn the Wi-Fi off and on back again.

If  Wi-Fi getting disconnected is the problem, make sure that ‘Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ is set to Always.

Problem #3: Screen keeps on freezing

Many of the note 5 users have been struggling with this note 5 freezing problems. It usually occurs randomly and the screen freezes and becomes unresponsive for like two to five seconds.

Because the note 5 have bezels on the sides, it’s very easy to accidently press the screen with your hand while holding it. This will make it as the screen is freezing. You should try altering your grip or you can also use a case so that your hand does not press the screen.

You can also perform recovery of your note 5 by holding the Power button and selecting Power off. Just hold the Power, Volume up and Home button together and you will see an android mascot with the recovery menu. Highlight wipe cache partition option using the volume down button and then select it using Power button. Once this is done, press Power to select reboot system now.

Problem #4: Poor battery life

Most people are satisfied with the battery life of the Note 5 but it has a smaller battery than its predecessor and most of the users are not happy with it. But you can try some things with your phone to increase the battery life.

Take a look at the Battery settings of the phone and you can tap on the battery usage to see which app is draining your battery. Also, there might be a service running on your phone which may have drained your battery. You can also use the power saving mode and can make your battery life longer.

Problem #5: Poor reception

Sometimes all of a sudden the note 5 gets reception issues. Users have also reported this as another of the Samsung Note 5 problems. It’s like at one point you were getting a good range and the other moment you lose the signal and become unable to make a call or text someone.

A solution to this problem is to restart your phone.

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