5 Advantages Of HTC One X

When we decide to purchase a new item or object, the first thing we do is weigh out its pros and cons. Nothing is perfect and every manmade item has a flaw or two, it is hence of vital importance to know which faults or cons you should learn to live with and which ones need not be put up with. Similarly, with the purchase of the HTC One X many users found it of vital importance to list the advantage  of the HTC One X. Here we have listed down the top 5 advantages of this smartphone.

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5 Advantages Of HTC One X

5 Advantages Of HTC One X

5 Advantages Of HTC One X

 1. HQ Camera.

The HTC One X hosts a camera of 8MP which certainly gives the device an edge over its prior versions. The video quality is superb at 1080p HD and the device is capable of capturing snapshots during the shooting of the video. This feature is what has earned it the title of “Double Shutter”. Besides, the lens aperture of f/2.0 as well as the BSI sensor has made the issues facing previous HTC devices disappear.

 2. Long Lasting Battery.

As new users to any phone, we tend to use our devices more than necessary as we discover every feature and aspect. Users who have purchased the One X are however impressed by its battery timing as it is said to last for 36 hours at end without minimising app or phone usage.

3. Stunning Display.

The LCD 2 display housed by the One X is a magnificent show of performance and improved user experience. With vivid colours and a sizable brightness level range, the screen of 4.7 inches marks a new beginning for enhanced experiences. The 720p HCD display does not fall short of its intended awe either.

 4. Protruding Camera Lens.

One of the features which have marred the device’s release with negative reviews is its signature protruding camera lens. Over the passage of time, it is not new that the lens shall fall privy to scratches and scuffs which will damage the overall condition of the One X and the camera’s lens too.

 5. Beats Audio.

Although this feature allows for louder music and audio, it does not necessarily improve the quality. Louder does not mean better. This feature has had many critics nitpicking into the HTC One X in hopes of finding more drawbacks. Plus, it does nothing to improve the overall user experience. And on a louder device, it is easier to detect the flaws and faults in the audio quality.