5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of IPhone 6

A few months ago, the iPhone 6 finally hit the markets all around the globe. Without any doubt, this is one of the most popular models ever, because there are many improvements compared to previous iPhone models. However, it could not be said it is the perfect phone. In this text, you can read about its pros and cons because we prepared 5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 6.

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5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 6

Source: iphone6appz.com

Source: iphone6appz.com


From the moment you lay your eyes on this model, you will fall in love with it. Its design is simply spectacular. The design is one of the reasons why so many people impatiently waited for this particular model.
The camera is pretty good
This model has rear 8 MP camera, and the other one, 1.2 MP front camera. There are many great features, including LED Flash. Those who purchased this phone are very satisfied with both cameras.
Internal storage
You can choose from three different options, according to your needs -16/64/128 GB.
Excellent Display
The 4.7-inch display is great. It has a glass protection and the amazing fingerprint sensor.
iPhone 6 supports 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and NFC – simply put, it supports everything.



This was one of the biggest disappointments. People expected the iPhone will have the quad-core processor, but it does not. It is dual-core.
RAM memory
The other thing which is a huge disadvantage is 1 GB of RAM.
Non-removable battery
iPhone 6 comes with the Li-Po battery which is not removable, and that is considered as a disadvantage as well.
Protection features
This model is not water resistant or dust proof.
Of course, the price of iPhone 6 is extremely high, and for many, this phone will be out of reach for quite some time.


We presented you 5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 6. Many of those who purchased this model are satisfied with it, even though it has some obvious disadvantages. If you compare it with some other phones in the market, it would be fair to say this one has some shortcomings, and people definitely expected more.