5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of IPhone 6 Plus

One of the main stories last fall was the fact iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are finally in the markets. People waited in lines to get their own new favourite device. Without any doubt, both phones are great, but it would not be fair to say they are perfect. If you are thinking about the option of purchasing iPhone 6 plus, check out its pros and cons, and then decide. In this article, you can learn more about the device with 5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 6 plus.

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5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 6 plus

Source: ilbe.com

Source: ilbe.com


The obvious difference between iPhone 6 Plus and other iPhones is the fact this one has a larger screen. You will enjoy watching videos or play games since the screen is simply brilliant.
Excellent design
iPhone 6 Plus looks phenomenal. It is thin and stylish, and you will hardly find the flaw when it comes to its appearance.
Battery life
On previous iPhone models, the huge issue was poor battery life. That is improved with the iPhone 6, and users are very pleased with the battery life on this device.
Extraordinary camera
The camera on iPhone 6 will completely blow your mind. It is great. The photos are sharp, and the colors are clear and bright.
One more thing that makes this device so great is its display, with full HD. Enjoyment is on the highest possible level.



Of course, one of the biggest disadvantages is the price. For many people, this device is out of reach.
Battery is charging too long
When the battery is empty, you will be surprised how much time is needed for the device to be charged.
Lack of certain features available on Android devices
Even though iPhone 6 Plus has many new features, for Android users, those features are not new. They are present for quite some time. In this field, it seems like iPhone needs some improvements.
Apple Pay security
Even though Apple Pay sounds great, many people are worried about the security of it all.
No option for memory expansion
This was not a surprise since this option was never offered on these devices.
Once you check out all   5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 6 plus, you will be able to make up your mind, and see if this phone really is the one for you. You can count on quality, that’s for sure.