5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of The IPhone 5S

One of the favorite phones for many users from all around the globe definitely is the  iPhone 5s. It’s great in terms of design and performance, and if you want to know more about this device, keep on reading, because in this text we will share 5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 5S.

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5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 5S

Source: newsday.com

Source: newsday.com

Advantages /Pros of IPhone 5s:


1. 64bit processor

iPhone 5S is the first mobile phone with 64-bit dual-core processor and its power can be seen in all segments, especially in 3D games and surfing the Internet.               

2. Aluminum housing                                                                                                                        

New and improved “s” version of the iPhone 5 is covered by aluminum housing.

3. Touch ID fingerprint sensor                                                                                                           

You can unlock your iPhone 5S with the touch ID sensor, integrated into the home button. Once your fingerprint is scanned, you will unlock the phone. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Excellent camera

A great 8MP camera makes amazing photos, even better than some other phones with 13MP camera. Video clips are sharp with constant frame-rate, and the video recording is possible with a resolution up to 1080p at 30fps.

5. EarPods headphones

With these headphones, and special “noise canceling” technology, the sound is perfect.


Disadvantages/ cons of IPhone 5S:


1. Scratches

Even though high-quality aluminum housing of the phone is one of the phone’s advantages, many users have reported that the cover can be easily scratched. However, the problem is usually related to the black model of the phone.

2. New Lightning 30-pin adapter

Apple decided to change the iPhone cable that was used to synchronize and transfer data. Many issues have been reported.

3. The battery cannot be changed

A slightly larger battery of 1560 mAh against 1440 on 4s cannot be changed, and you have to admit it is a bit annoying.

4. There is no memory card

A removable memory card is still not an option.

5. Display 4” only

The 4” screen is relatively small compared to the competition, which is why this may be one of the biggest disadvantages of this iPhone model.


If you are considering an option to purchase this device, with these 5 advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 5S you can see a bigger picture and make a final decision.