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3D Touch May be Removed from the New iPhones

When 3D Touch was released in 2015, Apple flaunted it as one of the greatest innovation available bot only three years later it seems that they may drop the technology.

Well-known analyst Blayne Curtis has stated that some of the iPhones launching this year will not feature 3D Touch. He referred to the larger models but according to other sources, the budget device which comes with an LCD screen will skip 3D Touch too. If the rumors are too, it would mean that 3D Touch will be completely removed from the new generation.

3D Touch was the flagship feature of the iPhone 6S, so the failure comes really hard on Apple’s engineering department. Two years were spent developing the technology, which also imposed some serious costs, and it was hoped that the feature will prove to be popular.

That was not the case as it never became popular. Many users don’t even know they have it, and the more savvy ones were not impressed. It was not introduced on iPads, where it could have been more useful.

We should not rush to mourn it just yet as it is possible to that the technology is revamped or that the rumors are wrong.  It could have been adapted for the new devices by using a method that is not familiar to the analysts. Some models may feature it after all, but until the reveal comes in September we can only speculate.

Apple may also be working on a new set of headphones dubbed Airpods 2 that should launch next year. Premium accessories such as a new wireless charging case and charging mat may be available this autumn.

Another sad rumor says that none of the upcoming iPhones will feature support for the Apple Pencil, something that has been requested by the community since it was launched. It remains to be seen what is real and what is not as the trillion dollar company prepares for the anticipated date.

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