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3 Ways To Customize Microsoft Edge

3 Ways To Customize Microsoft Edge 1

Microsoft Edge is the completely new browser that came with Windows 10 OS. It has modern design and doesn’t have any resemblance with the old Internet Explorer (which is also included in Windows 10). As opposed to Internet Explorer, on Edge browser, you have the possibility to change its look completely. You can change a theme, new tab page, the start page and everything according to your taste. This guide will show you 3 ways to customize Microsoft Edge browser.

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3 Ways To Customize Microsoft Edge Browser

Pick the theme

At this time, on Microsoft Edge, you can’t install a custom theme as you can on the other browsers. Microsoft Edge included only two themes Dark and White.

To change the theme, open Microsoft Edge, go to the top-right corner of the window, and open Edge menu icon (three dots). Then click on „Settings“ and on the top, change the time to dark if you want. The dark theme turns the menus and toolbars in black, and only the letters will be white.

3 Ways To Customize Microsoft Edge 2


Change the start page

If you don’t want to see the MSN start page when you open Edge browser, then you have to make some changes.

Open Edge browser. Go to Edge menu and locate „Open with“ section. There you need to choose on of the options: Start page, New tab page, Previous pages or A specific page or pages. Microsoft Edge offers only MSN and Bing under the option „A specific page or pages“. If you want Edge browser to show Google on the start page, then under the „Custom“ enter the address in the box „htttp://www.“ and close the menu.

3 Ways To Customize Microsoft Edge 3

New tab settings

When you open a new tab in Edge browser, you can see one of the three options: „Top sites and suggested content“, „Top sites“ or you can set it to show „ Blank page“.

If under the „Open new tabs with“ section selected  „Top sites and suggested content“ option, open a new tab and there you can see the button „Customize“ where you can add the addresses of the websites according to your interests.






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