3 More Things You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Let’s be blunt here. You just can’t get enough of the Galaxy Note 4. And this has become a classic thing about the Note Series because there is just too much to know about them. And we’re sure that there will be tens of millions of more Samsung Galaxy Note 4 buyers in the near future. But there will be some people who might be curious to know more about the device that they own. So here they are – 3 more things you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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So lets get started.

3 More Things You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

3 More Things You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

3 More Things You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Image 1)

There is the Smart Stay to keep your screen on while you’re looking at it

It was an incredible time when Samsung unveiled those awesome face tracking features that could keep the screen on while you were looking at it in the Galaxy S3. Well, those things have become legendary and have made their way to the Galaxy Note 4. According to me, this feature is pretty useful. So when you enable this feature, it will use the front facing camera (secondary camera) to track for someone with eyeballs and keep the screen on. When it doesn’t detect any eyeballs, it will turn off the screen.

At first it did sound gimmicky, but through the years, that face tracking thingy has really advanced.


The Adaptive Display makes everything look better based on the content you are viewing

There is no doubt that the QHD display looks gorgeous, and more than gorgeous when you keep it beside other smartphones. But the Samsung always keeps tweaking things around to make things even better for the consumers. So when you go in the display settings, make sure that you turn on the Adaptive display option, though it is turned on by default, it is good to check it.

What it does, is that it modifies the contrast and colors a little bit, and adapts the screen according to the content that the screen is displaying. While you might still not be getting the exact/accurate picture, you will surely embrace and praise that Super AMOLED display.


Keep using upto 5 different apps on that pop-up windows

This is a great thing for those pro-multitaskers. It is the new way to multitask on the Galaxy Note 4. All you do, is just reduce the screen size of that app, and keep using it. Want to use another app the same way? Sure, just open it, reduce the screen size, and move it to the appropriate area of the screen where you can easily keep using it.

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You can run up to 5 apps, or I can say, five pop-up windows this way. But that’s not the end, you can still use other things on the full screen beneath those 5 pop-up windows. Even though this might sound impossible, but hey, there will surely be a couple of folks who will give this thing a try.