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2020 Pixel to be a Foldable Smartphone: Speculation

Google I/O went successfully according to both customers and developers who were looking forward to some of the big announcements. It included both hardware announcements including Pixel phones and Nest security cameras besides a slew of content focused on Google Search, YouTube and Android Q.

Amidst all this hype, Google is silently working on something big. Samsung was more than willing to jump into an experiment and had a mildly bad time with their foldable smartphones. The phone started having issues even before it could be officially launched. Thankfully, the problems showed with reviewers and all the models were taken back to the factory for an indefinite period of time.

The fiasco seems to have no effect on the tech industry as Google is already working on foldable smartphones. If we are to speculate on the most positive note, the company will probably launch the Pixel phones in 2020 with foldable displays. Samsung is already working on fixing the practical issues and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say the company is doing the beta testing for both Google and Apple. If that’s the case, the technology will be developed in another two years before iPhones and Pixel phones could adopt the technology.

Google pixel 2020

Revealed by patent filings and Google’s own statement, the firm is actively working on building foldable smartphones. The technology officer Mario Queiroz further confirmed that they have been working for a very long time on prototypes and this is not a new idea. He further added that there is no clarity on whether the market really needs foldable phones or not. Slumping smartphone sales do confirm that people are no longer interested in upgrading their device because of the lack of innovation or the need to do it.

The pricing of phones has considerably increased in the past few years and flagships cost almost as much as $1000. At the same time, companies like Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei have focused hard on the lower and mid-range market in Asia selling more phones than ever. Google even released Pixel 3a which is much cheaper at just $399 and it is because of slumping sales figures.

While there is no guarantee that foldable phones will immediately boost smartphone sales as they are usually on the expensive side when the entire industry needs a boost, Google Pixel phones and every other device for that matter should consider innovating in some aspect.

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