2019 iPhone Designs Exposed; Raises Additional Concerns for Apple

The rumors emerging from Apple fans that the company’s unattractive new iPhone designs will not look so bad once held in hand is nothing but a hoax. The subsequent exposure of comprehensive illustrations and striking renders, a popular tech designer has constructed tangible replicas of Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. Moreover, once the sheen is deprived of the phone, the reality is even worse.

Demonstrating the designs, the tech designer posed the following question, “Did you get used to this design already?” The response invites over 900 comments and the vast crowd was fiercely negative in a hilarious manner with the highest ranked responses as “Horrible design… it looks soo awkward” and “Steve Jobs would’ve fired everyone”.

The cons of the iPhones stand out a mile

Apple’s enormous modernized camera bump is the biggest drawback. The paradox is that this extremely disliked component is probably the iPhone 11’s title upgrade. Thanks to Apple’s new policy of waiving style for substance with both new iPhones highlighting massive sensor boosts, which have the capability to jump both models back to the top of the smartphone camera charts. This is a reputation iPhones have renounced in recent years.

Apple is also anticipated to give users a sizeable battery boost, which should prove beneficial. That said, the company will relinquish its class-leading 3D Touch technology this year, which indicates that the iPhone 11 and 11 Max will bear a haptic touch substandard to every iPhone since the iPhone 6S. In addition, with notches vanishing quickly from competitors, the front of Apple’s new iPhones will remain untouched for the third generation in a line.

At the rear, the top left corner of the phone has been cut-out for the square-shaped camera. The power button is located on the right, however, the volume rocker and a cut-out for the sleep button are on the left. The base is home to cut-outs for the charging port, the speaker, and the microphone.

We still have three months in the waiting, as the tradition suggests the new phones to be released in September. Given what we now know about Apple’s exciting 2020 redesign and the introduction of full-screen Touch ID, the smart move is to wait and watch, especially when Apple’s biggest iPhone ambitions lie elsewhere. Rumors are, some folks may decide to skip this year’s new models because of the design and hope Apple embraces an improved design for 2020’s models.

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