2019 Galaxy A Series Phones: Samsung Likely to Usher In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

2019 Samsung A series Smartphone

Information emerging from South Korea indicates that Samsung Electronics is planning to launch at least 3 phones in 2019 in the Samsung Galaxy A series with the in-display fingerprint sensor. There are other details included in this report about the possible plans Samsung might have for these phones. There are some changes being suggested in the South Korean giant’s approach to their strategy for the smartphone marketplace.

Nine A-Series Phones in the Line-up for 2019

Samsung plans to launch a total of 9 models in the Samsung Galaxy A series. These are likely to be numbered A10 through to A90. It has also been indicated that the two-digit numbers represent higher specs as the numbers keep climbing up. So, A30 will be higher in specs than A20 and so on. Now out of these nine, it is being reported that at least 3 will have the in-display fingerprint feature. The current speculation is that these will be the Samsung Galaxy A50, A70 and A90 and that Aegis Technology will be a vendor for this optical fingerprint sensor technology.

2019 Galaxy A series

A Paradigm Shift in Strategy?

The convention followed in the industry is if a manufacturer has a new technology, it would be introduced with the flagship models first and then gradually added to the other models in the pegging order going downward. But Samsung is trying to change this trend. If this information is correct that the Galaxy A series phones will sport the in-display fingerprint sensor that the company has assiduously avoided adding to its flagship Galaxy S series phones, then this assessment could be accepted. And there are analysts who explain the reasoning behind this as well.

There is no doubt that the market has been reporting an overall decline in off-take as far as the smartphone sales are concerned. There is some kind of customer fatigue they claim. There is perhaps a shift towards the segment below the flagships as well. If the manufacturers can offer decent specifications on a $450 to $600 smartphone, there may be more customers worldwide to buy these than $800 to $1000 phone. And when a new model is introduced the next year at around the same price range, there may be more buyers willing to change their device at the higher price points. This is being attributed as the reason for Samsung to look at the Galaxy A series phones for upgrading to better and new features.

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