2019 Apple iPhones Could be the first device to come with the New Generation Wi-Fi 6 Protocol

2019 Apple iPhones Could be the first device to come with the New Generation Wi-Fi 6 Protocol

One of the technologies unveiled at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas was the new Wi-Fi standard labeled Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax as the trade refers to it. The currently used Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac was released in 2013. And observers point out that on that occasion too, it was Apple which adopted the technology first before the others followed suit.

New Generation Wi-Fi Expected to Improve on Many Fronts

There is a long list of features put out during the CES event claiming to be areas where the new Wi-Fi standard will differ over the existing one. These include increased data speeds, capacity augmentation and improvements in the area of battery power consumption. This will apply to all those devices, like the smartphones, tablets and even laptops which rely on battery power while using the devices to connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi router.

One must hasten to add here that the routers to run on the new Wi-Fi standard are yet to be made available in the market and it may be some time before it becomes a reality. The 802.11ax standard may be released for commercial exploitation only later in the year. The new standard is likely to play a significant role in the smoother operation of the smart devices which are increasingly being added to the homes.

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What About Apple’s Adoption of 5G?

Now that it is being reported that Apple may enable the 2019 iPhones to be run on the new Wi-Fi 6 connectivity as the company is said to be already working on it, when will Apple come out with a 5G phone? This is still a mystery and the overwhelming opinion, among those who know a thing or two about the tech giant, suggest that the company may not rush into the 5G race as yet. Going by the precedent, here again, it is pointed out that Apple was one of the last ones among the top phone manufacturers to launch 4G capable smartphones and it may do so again this time.

As you would have expected, Apple does not give too much importance to the CES event each year. There is therefore not too much to report from Vegas as far as Apple is concerned. When Google and Amazon showcased their digital assistant-based products ranges, one might have expected Apple to say something new on what it is up to with its SIRI. But there has so far been no information from the Cupertino tech giant on this either.



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