2019 Apple iPhone will Sport a Similar Design with New Camera Module

The fanboys of Apple are well aware of what’s in store for them. Long story short, people opting to upgrade to the forthcoming iPhone XI series should not upgrade. There are several reasons why the 2019 iPhones won’t be up to the mark. The 2019 versions of iPhone do not have state-of-the-art features, and they also look quite a little underwhelming.

However, the fanboys would any day upgrade to the new Apple iPhone, even though Apple doesn’t have any technological breakthrough to offer via 2019 iPhones. Ghostek has confirmed to Forbes that the case maker is well aware of the final design of iPhone XI or 11. Moreover, Ghostek has also begun taking pre-orders of the case of forthcoming iPhone XI. The case maker also said that it would ship the cases for iPhone 11 a month before the official launch.

What are the different cases that Ghostek will release of iPhone XI?

According to the case maker, the first case for iPhone XI is the Atomic Slim3. The image of the case flaunts the overall design of the iPhone 11 from all the angles. It also highlights the stove top controversial cameras along with the new mute switch. Ghostek said that the edge of the protection of the case is around 2.15 mm at the rear chassis.

Apple iPhone 2019 case

So far, the new iPhone doesn’t sport an existing design. And this is the main reason why the unique design of the iPhone is receiving severe backlash from the dedicated fanboys.

How reliable is Ghostek’s case designs?

In 2018, Ghostek featured the perfect cases for iPhone XR and the Samsung Galaxy S10, even before the phones were officially unveiled and launched. On top of that, Ghostek also assures the buyers of the upcoming iPhone 11 with a return window of 60 days. Furthermore, the 60-day return period extends to a month after the phone launches in September 2019.

Ghostek is pretty sure that the name of the forthcoming iPhone will either be iPhone XI or iPhone 11. There is a highly likely chance that irrespective of what the new iPhone is called, it would take the iteration of the 2017’s iPhone X. Apple must bring new iPhone with never before seen features to take back the reign of being the best smartphone of all time.

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