2019 Apple iPad and iPad Mini 5 Rumors Galore on What to Expect

2019 Apple iPad and iPad Mini 5 Rumors Galore on What to Expect

There has been a spate of rumor on what Apple Inc could be up to, with regard to its tablets, the iPad 2019 edition and an updated iPad Mini 5. That the iPad Mini is due for a thorough transformation has not been under dispute. Now one does not know when the company will make these announcements. Based on the practice followed in the previous years, you can assume that it could happen in the third week of March 2019. Undoubtedly many Apple followers will be keen to know what they can expect in terms of changes the two tablets may bring to the table.

Size and Design of the 2019 iPad

If some of the strong rumors to be believed, Apple may marginally bump the display size of the 2019 iPad to 10 inches from its current 9.7 inches. Keeping in line with the display trends, you might see some reduction in the bezel sizes, either on the sides or all around. Some predict that the iPad may take on some of the changes already seen on the iPad Pro, but that is yet to be confirmed. Some design alterations may be dictated on the cost factor since the ultimate pricing of the tablet in the retail market is something Apple is very conscious of and won’t want to jeopardize sales on this count. Marketing experts try and compartmentalize the typical buyers and advise the design teams to come up with products to pitch to each segment separately. The iPad will be largely seen as a product aimed at the education sector and here pricing is critical. Apple Pencil has been a huge hit and will continue.

ipad mini 5

Process Upgrade Widely Expected

With the new iPad in 2019, Apple may choose to offer the A12X Bionic chip. Some people may see this as the repetition of what the company does with the iPhones, where the processor in the different variants are kept the same. It might become the critical point to stress the improvement factor in the new model pushing the fence-sitters to go for the 2019 iPad.

And then the issue of the connector, if it would be the same Lightning continued or the USB C-type, will make an appearance as has been discussed on many forums.

The information on the iPad Mini 5 is still not that elaborate. Some people with extreme views even say the company may dump this product, though there are no definite indicators on this from any quarter.

You may have to wait a little more to get a clearer picture.

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