2018 iPhones to have LG OLED Screens and More Apple News

It is not surprising in the slightest that today we will be talking about the most recent news coming from Apple. The tech giant and its South Korean rival have been in the news recently, not only because new phones are set to be released in just some months from either company but also due to a conflict between them. This conflict concerns the screen displays that Apple used for their iPhone X last year.

LG displays instead of Samsung ones

Apple had only one supplier for their OLED displays for iPhone X, and that was Samsung. These displays were used in last year’s device, and some say the lack of competition of Samsung’s part allowed the company to drive up their prices for their supply of displays. This is partly the reasons why iPhone X was so expensive.

This year, however, it looks like Apple has decided to partner up with LG in order to supply their OLED displays, with the company said to give between 2 and 4 million OLED screens for this year’s lineup of Apple smartphones. Yes, the number is somewhat small compared to the number of phones that the tech giant usually sells but this will mark the moment when the company will stop relying as much on Samsung and will start to have some leverage in the negotiation process for more Samsung displays.

iOS 12 beta available for download

As the name suggests, average users are now able to download iOS 12 beta on their Apple smartphones. However, the new OS is still somewhat buggy so we would recommend that you go about this with caution and make sure to always be prepared to go back to iOS 11 until the official version of iOS 12 is released. Moreover, do not install the beta on your primary device to avoid losing data or encountering other problems.

iOS voice command for Alexa

Another exciting update that we would like to mention is the fact that you are now able to talk to Amazon’s Alexa through your iPhone. You can ask her questions that she will answer or you can request that she plays you some music. In order to do this, you must first have the Amazon app installed and open. This does make things more fun for an average user since now they can interact not only with Siri but with Alexa as well.

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