2018 iPhone X with USB-C Fails – Apple Keeps the Lightning port

2018 iPhone X with USB-C Fails – Apple Keeps the Lightning port

New iPhones are presumed to come in September this year, and all kinds of rumors are obviously surrounding them. One of the latest rumors is that Apple might implement the USB-C on its future devices and this could mean that the USB-C ports could replace Lightning ports or that the USB-C power cables and a wall charger might be included instead of the traditional USB-A ones.

Benefits of USB-C power cables and chargers

iPhones with a lightning-to-USB-C cable would mean that you would be able to plug them into the newer MacBooks and USB-C battery packs without having o deal with an adapter.

The USB-C power solution for Apple products is already on the market. You can buy a USB-C-to-lightening cable, and a 30W USB-C power brick and your iPhone will charge the battery to 50% in just half an hour.

The possibility of Apple ditching the Lightning port and use a USB-C instead on future iPhone is more than exciting, but it’s unlikely to happen.

Apple will probably keep the Lightning port

Even if a universal connector would be more than convenient, it’s pretty unlikely that Apple would drop the Lightning port in favor of the USB-C. USB-A is the standard for USB power and data connections, and if Apple were to lose this and use the USB-C, this would definitely be a solid hint at the fact that the industry should begin a massive consolidated transition. This is what happened when Apple backed the Qi wireless charging standard with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X back in 2017.

Connector charges are not something that users love, and when the original 30-pin connector was ditched in favor of the Lightning port, users had to buy new cables and adapters from Apple, and they were not too thrilled.

Back in 2016, when Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone in favor of the Lightning, a similar backlash was triggered. Apple’s insistence on having a single connector for everything on the iPhone just highlights how much the company is committed to the Lightning.

The Lightning is thinner than the USB-C even though their sizes are quite similar. Apple is also a fan of the wireless, and the company introduced AirPods at the same time they dropped the headphone jack. It makes sense somehow that Apple would lose the Lightning connector when wireless charging is fast enough to be a viable solution. We’ll just have to wait and see when this can happen.

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