2017 Surface Pro Can’t Be Easily Repaired

Even though it’s not such a huge surprise considering the general trend of the market and the size of the device, the new Surface Laptop by Microsoft doesn’t seem to be repairable, not even remotely. iFixit reported that Surface Pro is not that different either.

Sad News about the Surface Models

iFixit offered us the great chance of looking inside the two Microsoft machines. The Laptop product does not present any external screws at all. So how can you get into the system? The solution is to peel off the fabric keyboard surround that has been glued down. Obviously, once you do that, you won’t be able to undo it, so this is a huge minus when it comes to serviceability.

After you remove the keyboard surround, you will be able to see the internal components, which are soldered, taped or permanently fixed in place. But since the opening process was not easy either, why would you expect this part of the process to be?

Surface Pro Teardown

The teardown of this device shows that Microsoft has indeed done a lot of work both on the outside and on the inside of the Surface Pro. They included bigger batteries, meaning you get to enjoy a 45Wh battery instead of a 38.2Wh one like the one in the Pro 4. A huge heatsink is included to distribute the processor’s heat to the back of the machine. This passive cooling model is the secret to the Core i5 fanless version.

Even though the Surface Pro lines haven’t been particularly friendly to the end-user, and even less to third-party repairs and servicing, some previous models have made it possible to replace the SSD. With the Pro 4, the SSD relied on a standard M.2 connector, so it was possible to change it, but on the 2017 Pro model, the storage is fixed to the motherboard.

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