2017 Is the Year of the Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft is one of the most famous and well-established tech companies in the world, and that’s a fact. The company has almost any device that you can think of: laptops, personal computers, tablets, consoles and so on, as well as all the programs that you need to run them. And they’re not keeping all in the house, like Apple does. Microsoft is the developer of Windows, the world’s most widely-used operating system.

However, there is one particular niche that Microsoft didn’t seem to excel in so far: smartphones. However, all that is bound to change this year, if we’re to believe the rumors. At the end of 2016, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hinted at an advanced new mobile device that will come in 2017, and many believe that it was about the Microsoft Surface Phone. The Microsoft Surface Phone is allegedly the next big addition to the notorious Surface line that Microsoft has, which includes hybrid tablets and laptops.

And seeing as how the already-existing devices within the surface line are truly great ones, the Surface Phone is also bound to be an exciting release. However, besides the hint given by the CEO, we know nothing else from official sources on this. Microsoft has been keeping radio silence on the matter, which is only understandable, because the device might still be in its early stages of development.

The device will most likely run on Windows 10 Mobile, seeing as there’s still not Microsoft smartphone to run on this OS. The last phone that the company brought out was the Lumia 650, which runs on another OS entirely. Thus, there is yet not Microsoft smartphone to run on the company’s in-house mobile operating system, and rumor has it that the company plans to fix this glitch soon enough.

  1. No device that runs on Windows 10 mobile? where are you getting this backwards information?! I’ve been using my Microsoft Lumia 640 with windows 10 mobile for almost 2 years! furthermore the Lumia 950 and 950XL BOTH ship with Windows 10 mobile, not only that but Microsoft published free updates to windows 10 mobile on all of their smartphones. This “article” is nothing more than idle speculation and misinformation.

  2. Am i missing something here? “The device will most likely run on Windows 10 Mobile, seeing as there’s still not Microsoft smartphone to run on this OS. The last phone that the company brought out was the Lumia 650, which runs on another OS entirely.” My 950xl is running on Windows 10 Mobile as is the 650. Please explain your statement.

  3. As of now, mobile thrives best when sold everywhere at all price ranges. Be it pay as you go, contract, etc. Price matters as does availability. And finally, sales people. Not to mention change. It’s not every day people like to change. Fortunately there is a lot to dislike about the mobile experience just as there is to love about them. So marketing, positive reviews, positive sales people, and availability at all price ranges. I love my 950xl. But to get people on board, Microsoft will need to address all those issues above. I’m a fan boy of Microsoft so I’m the minority. Good luck Microsoft. 🙂

  4. Let’s take a baby step back to the 950. Released and supported on only 1 carrier and 1 network. No Verizon, no Sprint, no T-Mobile. Also, no support for Canadian carriers. So the Microsoft Sales and Marketing braintrust thought it would be a great idea to release a flagship that excluded all carriers and all networks except 1. Surface phone is a nice idea, until it gets handed off to the Sales and Marketing braintrust again. I have 100% confidence they will screw it up. Don’t believe me? Was the 950 not enough proof? Then go out and find a Microsoft Band. And while you are at the Microsoft Store looking for the discontinued Band, check out the Surface Studio. Great hardware priced at 4 X the price of the iMAC. Yep, Microsoft Sales and Marketing at it’s finest! After getting their asses kicked for years, you would think that Microsoft would learn a thing or two from Google (Pixel). Build it yourself, sell it direct, sell it unlocked, support all networks, update it directly. Not. Rocket. Science.

        1. T-mobile (same as at&t, forget the bandwidth type for those two), 13 months ago. I’ve had a lot of problems with Verizon Billing in the past, so I avoid them.

          1. Thanks Kyle. Yea, both Verizon and Microsoft cut us off at the knees with the Windows Phone. Last I had was the ICON. Unfortunately I have to stick with them because of my company account. Upgraded to the Galaxy Note. Microsoft has a bunch of nice stuff that goes with Android to make it tolerable.

    1. So the 28″ surface studio starting at $2,999 is 4X more then the 27″ iMac starting at $1,799 Yes the studio is more expensive. If you want to come closer to matching the lowest end studio specs you’re going to have to go to at least the $1,999 version of the iMac and even then the Studio is still a better machine spec wise and comes with more accessories. So now $1,999 x 4 is 7,996 unless i am mistaken one of us is really bad at math.

      On a side note I too enjoy my 950XL unlocked running on T-Mobile.

        1. Well I can select the most expensive iMac as well for comparison $5,428.00 of course this one has a lot more hardware then the Studio.

          1. The apples to apples comparison part must have thrown you off. Both Microsoft and Apple have a red apple for sale. Same size apple. Same color apple. Just picked. From the same farm, as a matter of fact. Microsoft wants $4000 for their apple. Apple wants $2000 for the very same thing. I’m thinking you’re gonna go for the Microsoft apple? Because? Oh boy.

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