2017 iOS Jailbreak Latest Update Warnings

At one point, we’re sure things will go too far and some iPhone users will need to restore the device because they just overdid it with the tweaks for iPad and iPhone. When this will happen, people are running a great risk of losing the jailbreak status entirely. Thankfully, we’re bringing you today a brief guide of restoring the iPad or iPhone to the iOS 10.2 version without losing the jailbreak status.

Warnings Before You Start

According to WCCF Tech, thanks to a little tool that goes by the name OSRestoreX, the iPhone users can restore whatever Apple product they use to version iOS 10.2. And they won’t lose the jailbreak status! However, you have to remember that if you can’t use it at all, and you can only restore it with the iTunes, it’s really bad luck for you.

Another thing to remember is the fact that the OSRestoreX only works if you have access to Cydia and some parts of the iOS. Moreover, always make a backup of your files and photos before you continue, since the process deletes everything from the phone/tablet.

How to Do It

Naturally, first you have to download the software from Cydia. There are two repositories from Sources there which you will need to add. After you add them, you can download Stashing for the 10.2 packages. Then, install the OSRestoreX package and make sure that you install the packages in the order they need to.

Lastly, simply restore the device back to the 10.2 version. After you do both tweaks, you will need to go to Settings/ General/ Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings. Check once again to see if you selected the correct option and then the iOS will restore itself back to the default settings. Good luck!

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