Samsung Galaxy S10 To Come with Some Controversial Changes

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the long-awaited high-end phone which should mark the line’s 10th anniversary. Since the device is scheduled for launch next year, the manufacturers haven’t revealed its secrets and they are not planning on doing this any time soon.

In the information era it’s hard to keep secrets, so most of Galaxy S10’s features have been revealed through different sources. According to these leaks, the new device will shine like a star. It’s no wonder since Samsung is hoping to regain its place on the tech market and recover after the S9 collection and Note 9 didn’t have the success they expected.

Samsung fans can’t wait to get their hands on Galaxy S10, but they might be disappointed

The future seems bright for Samsung and their S10. However, some alarming news is shaking up the online environment. Although Samsung will spare no effort and is not willing to make any compromise when it comes to S10, it looks like they are about to cross a dangerous line. They might be planning to remove the device’s headphone jack, but this could be a bad idea, considering how much fans love this feature.

The new concept is worthy of Samsung Galaxy S line’s celebration

When technology is evolving so fast, it’s hard to find a successful recipe and create a smartphone that brings something new. Every time they are working on a new device, manufacturers have to think about innovative features and surprise their users with something beyond their imagination.

In this particular case, we are talking about awesome characteristics that will make users fall in love with the new device as soon as they see it. Just as examples, we will mention some features teased by Samsung:

  • An innovative, notch-less design;
  • 5G connectivity;
  • Triple rear camera system;
  • In-display reader defined as ”ultrasonic”;
  • New colour schemes that will turn every use of the phone into a realistic experience

These are only a few awesome specs, but they make us wonder if Samsung can put all this innovation together in one smartphone. Will the device have the capacity to run them? Now that we learned about the manufacturer’s intention to lose the headphone jack, we got our answer.

A prototype which creates a lot of fuss

The rumour about a Galaxy S10 without headphone jack has been spread by a reliable source, Bloomberg. According to them, Samsung might be following Apple’s example and become completely wireless. In fact, a similar move was anticipated for the Galaxy Note 10, but if the company decides to reply within their new smartphone, it could cause the fans’ negative reactions and feedback.

So far, Samsung has kept the headphone jack in all the phones they released, despite the fact that most companies removed it and went for accessories with wireless connectivity. This stability has been appreciated by fans, so they might be disappointed if they lost the jack which ”connects their heads to their phones”.

However, some information still remains a rumour, even if Bloomberg mentioned it. After confirming the leaks about the cool features we should expect to see when we buy the S10, the news agency added that the device without headphone jack is still a prototype and we cannot be sure if it will become reality.

If the S10 is released completely wireless, Samsung will have to face their fans’ disapproval. However, users will have to understand that the new features which make the expected device a top-notch smartphone cannot get along with old specs. They will see that the world is changing fast and technology still has a lot to offer, so they will be willing to step into the future and discover it.

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