Samsung is Developing Two Foldable Smartphone Prototypes

The hottest tech rumor floating around the internet says that Samsung is working on two prototypes for its long-awaited foldable smartphone. The device, called by some Samsung Galaxy X, should be launched in 2019.

A well-known source mentions that the device, codenamed ‘’Winner’’, has been in development for years since Samsung tried to continuously improve the terminal as technology advanced.  Flexible displays were shown by Samsung in the past, but they were all prototypes as well.

It seems that Samsung is exploring two different designs as one prototype features a longer vertical screen while the other has a longer horizontal screen when unfolded. Both devices unfold side to side, but some developers think that the vertical model is more viable as a commercial success due to the fact that you can comfortably hold with only one of your hands.

It is thought that the smartphone will lack a fingerprint sensor due to technical restraints, but it will have a 4-inch external display that can be used to perform certain tasks, like texting, answering an email for example, and tasks on the go without the need to unfold the device.

Foldable Smartphone Prototypes

When it comes to general design it is believed that the device will look the Motorola Razr and the device will open with the same iconic snap. A special coat will be applied on the device in order to prevent scratches while also keeping the display flexible. Internal tests have evaluated the endurance of the screen by using harsh tests but there are still some doubts as problems that weren’t spotted in prototypes tend to appear after the mass production process starts. If the screen cracks the entire display will completely shatter, and Samsung is working hard to prevent such a major fault from happening.

The flexible smartphone could also use a modified Android OS due to the unusual screen design, as it will have to work on two different displays on the same device.

Another concern is the mass of the device as the prototypes weight more than 200 grams due to the increased screen real-estate. This means that cuts will have to be made somewhere in order to make the device lighter and the battery seems to be the most suitable target.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 were well-received by the public but they didn’t have something to set them apart from the completion. The progress made by other rivals has bolstered Samsung to explore uncharted waters as the market is asking for real innovation instead of incremental upgrades.

Huawei and Oppo have become more and more popular as they offer middle-tier smartphones with premium features, and they deliver on the promises they make. Samsung has been testing the mid-range market with the ‘’A’’ line of smartphones but none were able to score a significant impact when faced with the competition.

The Galaxy 10 is thought to be a game-changer and Samsung used every occasion to hype the device.  It claims that the device will be the best Galaxy ever released as it will feature bleeding edge technology, like Qualcomm’s new 5G modem and Verizon is already negotiating with Samsung for the US release of the smartphone.

One sign of confidence is the fact that the S10 will come in three versions, just like the 2018 iPhone line did. One will be the standard Samsung Galaxy experience users know and love, one will offer additional features at a premium price, while the last is set to be budget flagship with killer specs.

As the rumor mill continues to work around the clock, more and more news will come. What is true and what is note remains to be seen when Samsung will unveil the devices in 2019.

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