The iPhone XR is The New Staple in the Smartphone World

When the iPhone XR was unleashed on the 26th of October, a new staple in the smartphone world was instantly born.

Apple started a new pricing strategy in 2017 when it introduced three terminals that balanced the climbing price with additional performance. Budget users could opt for the affordable iPhone 8 which started at $699. Those that desired a bigger screen went for the $799 iPhone 8 Plus. Lastly, those that wanted the finest Apple had to offer could buy the iPhone X for the high price of $999. Since people have started to wait more before getting an upgrade, Apple adjusted its pricing policy accordingly.

While the 8 and 8 Plus asked for an additional $50, the added $250 for the iPhone X led many people to call Apple greedy. The company argued that the iPhone X offers premium features that are worth the price.

The trend seemed to work out until Apple changed the game. The X was discontinued after only a year of manufacturing as the company had a bold plan in mind. The iPhone XS and XS Max remained the jewels of the crown, offering maximum performance for a higher price, as the XS Max once again pushed the price to $1099.

As the world was curious about the iPhone 9, Apple gleefully announced that it won’t happen. The dual iteration we knew and loved was replaced by a surprise named iPhone XR.

A bargain price

Unlike its XS brothers, the XR starts at $750, which is a surprising price for a 2018 iPhone, as the price tag raises with $250 for iPhone XS and $350 when we talk about the XS Max. If the 64GB version isn’t big enough for you, a 128GB version is available for $799 and another $100 will get you the 256GB model.

The XR is a great competitor to the XS, offering the same stellar specs for a more affordable price.

The looks

A single-word description would be awesome. From a design point, the device is stylish as it comes with a colored glass back and aluminum band with six colors available: coral, black, white, blue, yellow and red.

The specs

Apple didn’t shy away when it comes to performance as the device packs the impressive A12 Bionic processor and the same TrueDepth sensor present on the XS and XS Max. The Liquid Retina display may not be up to OLED standards, but it’s the best LCD that ever saw the light of day. Using a few design tricks, the company managed to make it look like the OLED equivalent from a design point as the display retains the iconic form present on the XS.

The only major minuses that stand out are a limited portrait mode and the use of a single lens camera but that won’t make much of a difference for most users. 3D Touch is also missing in action, but the new Haptic Touch feature is a great replacement.

The iPhone XR is The New Staple in the Smartphone World

Size matters

The Apple creed was quite simple. You want a bigger phone, you pay a bigger price. That chain was broken with the iPhone XR since it’s larger than the XS while being significantly cheaper. It seems that the XR was clearly made in order to replace the Plus-sized versions of previous iterations and it does its job well.

What may seem strange to some is the fact that you get a bigger phone for a smaller price, which may seem counterintuitive at first but as the market embraces larger devices the users will adapt.

Looking towards the future

The failure of the iPhone 5C may still persist but the XR is nothing like it.  Apple has managed to squeeze maximum performance and an attractive design into a smartphone that is sure to make a name for itself.

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