Google might become a part of Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone’s Development

Bloomberg has recently provided the community of tech lovers and enthusiasts with a report which’s the main subject is the development of the Samsung Galaxy F, the first foldable smartphone. The report reveals some of the specifications the upcoming foldable phone from Samsung will feature. The device is also known by Galaxy X, and its codename is Winner. What we know is that it will soon enter into the production phase because the later stages of its development process have been reached.

What will be similar compared to the prototype video from a few years ago?

Four years ago, in 2014, Samsung had released a concept video which showed how a future foldable phone would look like. Taking into consideration all we know so far, we can say that the real smartphone will resemble what we have seen in the video. On the outside of the Galaxy F, we will find a screen measuring 4 inches which allows the user to access the functions of the phone without entirely unfolding it. However, if you want to edit a document, play a game or watch a movie, you will surely like to have more space and better visibility. In order to extend the phone to its full size, all you will need to do is snap it.

How it looks like

Without further details, we must confess that the Galaxy F has a mystery. We do not know what its orientation will be. However, the report suggests that there are two final versions of that which might be possible. One of them has the smartphone open vertically while the second one would open horizontally. According to engineers, the vertical option is more preferred because that means that it would look like a typical phablet when unfolded. The Wall Street Journal has also come up with a report. It claims that the Galaxy X, the Winner, or the Galaxy F, no matter how it will be called, it will be like a pocket tablet. That is happening thanks to its possible full size of about 7 inches.

Samsung might have another hard choice to make, but it is not surprising at all. The current prototypes wight 200 grams which compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is considerably lighter. However, compared to the iPhone XS Max from Apple it weights way more. In order for the South Korean tech giant to beat the competition, it might choose to reduce the battery pf the foldable phone so that it would be lighter. The not so shiny part of that decision would be that the phone will not have as high performance as expected.

Samsung asks Google for help – two big companies cooperating

Because Samsung has quite an unusual device in mind, and as it resembles not so much with the smartphones we are using at the moment, it would mean that it will have its own operating system that would suit all the features the foldable phone has. According to the report, a special version of the Android OS is being developed by Google for the Winner of Samsung. The company claims that it will be fully compatible with the future pocket tablet.

Google is pretty sure that along with the release of Samsung foldable phone, Galaxy F, the rivalry between the South Korean company and the American tech giant, Apple, will intensify. Because Google is working on an operating system dedicated to foldable phones, it would not surprise us to see it launching its own such amazing phone in a few years time.

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