Apple Announces an Important Issue Present in its New iPhones

Apple Announces an Important Issue Present in its New iPhones

Apple, the American tech giant, has launched a trio of iPhones not so much time ago. The triple release consisted of an improved iPhone X called iPhone XS, a bigger version of the first one with some additional features the iPhone XS Max, and the most awaited and the best phone of the bunch the budget iPhone XR. Since these phones have been planned, there were a lot of issues going on, and Apple has recently confessed to another one.

What is happening and what Apple has to say about it?

The issue

There is no public statement provided by the company as they chose to announce the issue through a publication. The problem goes by the name of “BeautyGate” scandal, and it was first heard about by The Verge.

Nilay Patel, the Verge editor-in-chief, has talked about it in a review for the iPhone XR. According to him and based on Apple’s confession, the soon to be launched iOS 12.1 update, which is now in public beta, will handle the issue of the front camera which makes skin smoother by picking a sharper base frame for Smart HDR. However, the fixing has not been tested yet.

This is what the BeautyGate issue is about. The new iPhones have been tested by a lot of tech specialists and fans that love to make comparisons between devices or just talk about it. This is how the BeautyGate issue has been discovered. Lewis Hilsenteger, a popular Youtuber who own the Unbox Therapy channel, has spotted the front camera issue in late September.

Apple’s response

Apple had been completely silent for about a month. Because beauty modes are extremely popular in Asia, many people thought that this image processing was deliberate because this is one major target market for Apple. With that being said, even though there might be some critics who say that this issue is kind of superficial, at least it makes the user look better.

If we take that into consideration, it does not seem like Apple is in good terms with its communication style and timeliness. They have been working on a previous issue, the more serious ChargeGate problem which has also been spotted by the same popular Youtuber, Lewis Hilsenteger. The deal with this issue is that the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS refuse to automatically charge when plugged in. Regarding this issue, the company has again decided to stick to talking about it with the fan site iMore instead of providing a public statement. Providing information to publication seems more like a fan idea for Apple to announce certain “events.” It offers us the illusion that we are included in the process, just because a publication does not feel as formal as a public statement.

The rigorous approach of Apple to software updates is one of the company’s greatest strengths, and even though the results might be mixed, they are still handling the situations. However, Apple decided not to be so upfront when it comes to a problem which we do not think is a good idea. What we can do about that is hope that the situation will improve.

The most exciting new range of iPhones has been released by Apple with the budget iPhone XR beating them all. It is estimated that the latest appeared iPhone XR will be the one to increase the company’s revenues. However, there is no situation without problems and Apple not providing information to users in an official mode might be considered a lack of respect. Maybe not everyone is keen on reading articles about issues their phones might have or maybe they do not enjoy searching for the information but receiving it.

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