10 Quick Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your IPhone

iPhone is the expensive gadget in the market that is equipped with the high-quality camera. So, those who love to capture all the interesting and memorable moments in their lives, carrying an iPhone will do the best job. While many people are experts in this kind of photography, some of the iPhone users might have small knowledge regarding this and must be they are looking for some useful tips for taking better photos with the iPhone. Editing photos is always a good way to make the photos even better, but you can also bring huge changes in the images just by following some useful tips.

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Tips for taking better photos with your iPhone


Keep the photo as simple as possible:

Yes, this is the first tip for taking better photos. Just one subject is all that is to be captured in one frame rather than focusing on multiple subjects. You might feel the photo is filled with much empty space if single subject is captured, but this is the thing that will make the image stand out. Furthermore, there is one more reason to keep the photo as simple as possible because if you share the photo on Instagram or on any other social networking site, most people will open the photo in a small screen on their phones, and too much detail will create a messy look.

tips for taking better photos

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Take the photo from low angle:

This is another important tip for taking better photos. The best way to capture attractive images is to shoot them from the low angle. This will capture the sky as background and foreground as well, thus make the subject, or people, whatever you are trying to capture more interesting. So, sit down on the knees and shoot the images.

tips for taking better photos

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Align the subjects diagonally:

If there are two or more subjects in the photo, try aligning them diagonally to make the composition balanced and more harmonious. This way you will be able to create a photo where all the subjects will look interesting.

tips for taking better photos

Source – iphonephotographyschool.com


Show depth in the photos:

Showing depth in the photos is really a great way to engage the audience for long time. So, it is suggested not to take any flat photos rather try including the background in the photos and if there are multiple subjects, show up where they are located in multiple planes. This tip is more useful when capturing the natural beauty.

tips for taking better photos

Image source – iphonephotographyschool.com


Get to the level of the subject:

One of the most important tips for taking better photos is getting down to the level of the subject to make them stand out in the photo. For example, if you are about to capture the photo of a child, just get down on your knees to come to their height and come closer, next shoot the photo, and it will be excellent.

tips for taking better photos

Source – www.imore.com


Capture shadows as well:

Shadows make the photos more interesting. So try to include the shadows also in the frame along with the subject to make the photo much more attractive.

tips for taking better photos

Source – www.idownloadblog.com


Capture reflection:

Reflection is seen on various surfaces such as glass, water, shiny things, etc. but water is always the best surface for capturing reflections due to the distortion of it in waves. However, try capturing both the subject and its reflection as only reflection will not look great in the photo.

tips for taking better photos

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Capture silhouette photos:

iPhone is made for capturing the silhouette photos, and you can capture the silhouette photos better just by standing against the source of the light. For example, stand behind the sun, and it will make the subject more interesting. This way the photo becomes more and more pleasing.

tips for taking better photos

Source – iphonephotographyschool.com


Maintain symmetry:

This is another useful trick of capturing amazing photos with iPhone. Try to place the subjects in the middle of the photo, and if you are capturing reflection, ensure both, the reflection and non-reflection parts are divided in the photo.

tips for taking better photos

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Make use of VSCO Cam presets:

Already said that editing is always the best way to make the images more pleasant. VSCO cam photo editing presets let you add more effects on the photo. This tool is very easy to use where the users are just required to open the tool and loading the photos there for editing using presets.

tips for taking better photos

Source- www.manfrottoimaginemore.com


So, the tips are here. Just follow and go on to capture unique images with your iPhone.