10 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Install

Google Chrome is probably the most used web browser in the world. It is user-friendly, fast and way better than most of the previous similar products. The company is also very focused on innovation. Google is examining its users in order to understand their needs. And there are at least two arguments that can support the aforementioned question.

First of all, Google Chrome’s most recent plans involve creating an Ad Blocker that would prevent the users from seeing intrusive ads. Secondly, Google made sure to offer the users plenty of options when it comes to browser features. This is part of the reason why they came up with lots of exciting extensions.

In order to avoid getting lost between them and to ease up the process of finding out the most suitable extensions, here’s a list that will guide you when you want to explore the paths of Google Chrome extensions.


This might seem that it has nothing to do with Google Chrome but it is actually a great way to browse the wide variety of coupons. In fact, this isn’t the only coupon related extension of Google Chrome. But it’s definitely one of the best existing on the market. First, you will need to make an account and then you will be able to access the available coupons from different sites.


You probably won’t believe it but Google Chrome is actually beginning to take some of Microsoft Word’s functions. The Papier extension allows you to write down anything you want. However, the extension is still just an extension and is far from a standalone program. But so far it has proven to be pretty useful, users say. Besides, you won’t be wasting any time on signing up because this extension will gather the required info from your Google account.

Netflix Categories

Of course Google knows what are the most popular companies and successful businesses. This is why the Netflix Categories extension might be some sort of association between the two.

When you pay to watch Netflix TV series you don’t get a catalogue. This is when Google Chrome’s Netflix Categories steps in. The extension will clear up some things for you and will let you browse through your favorite TV series.


A free extension that will assist you in your writing tasks. Even though the Ginger extension isn’t 100% accurate, it can still signal you when you’ve made mistakes and help you correct entire phrases. The extension will also look up words in the online dictionary for you.

Many people say that it is a pretty good helper but not better than Grammar. The only down sight when using Grammar is the fact that you have to give out some money though.

Session Buddy

The Session Buddy extension is similar to a friend with a better visual memory than yours. The extension will remember and display the tabs you’ve opened during a certain day with only a simple click.


It is a perfect extension for those who are really concerned about the personal info they share on websites. It also allows users to keep track of this info and also get some details about it.


The extension will provide you information about the people you encounter on the internet, meaning via Gmail and synced social media.

Save to pocket

This is a very useful extension that will help you save the pages you want to read but you don’t have enough time to do that.

Feedly Notifier    

It’s a great feature that will notify you even when new things are added; it is actually pretty similar to a subscription.


The Dashlane extension is a password manager that guarantees the fact that your info is safe and how it should always be: secured and personal, available only to your eyes. It also allow you to sync the devices, but this isn’t firstly something recommended by personal info security specialists and secondly, this action requires money. In order to do just that you have to pay a certain amount of money to Dashlane for a special subscription.

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