10 Amazing Honor 8 Tips and Tricks

10 Amazing Honor 8 Tips and Tricks

The Honor 8 smartphone made by Chinese company Huawei has just received its new EMUI 5 update, which makes it even better than before. Here are the most amazing ten Honor 8 tips and tricks that you need to try right now in order to use your smartphone at its fullest potential.

  1. Activate the app drawer

The Honor smartphone series is known for having been inspired a lot by the iPhone’s design, to that explains its lack of an app drawer that other Android smartphones have. But with the EMUI 5 running on the Honor 8, you can actually switch between the two designs. Just go to Settings > Home Screen Style > App Drawer.

  1. Multi-purpose fingerprint ID

The fingerprint scanner of modern smartphones has been introduced to ease the unlocking process. According to Huawei’s website, their scanners can unlock a phone in merely 0.4 seconds. But did you know that this nifty little ID also has other uses? Go to Settings > Fingerprint ID and see what they are.

  1. App twin

This Honor 8 feature comes in handy if you share a smartphone with someone you’re close to, or if you have to run multiple social media accounts for your business. The EMUI 5 update comes with the app twin feature, which gives you an additional login for Facebook and WhatsApp.

  1. Knuckle gesture screenshot

Did you know that your Honor 8 can memorize various gestures and attribute tasks to them? For example, you can use the knuckle gesture to take a screenshot instantly. This is explained in the smart screenshot menu in your phone’s settings.

  1. Use the camera to its fullest

Your Honor 8 smartphone has two rear cameras, so make sure to use them at their fullest potential and take the best pictures you possibly can. In order to do this, you need to enable wide-angle mode, as well as tweak the settings a little bit.

  1. Smart assistance

Use your fingerprint scanner even more intelligently by enabling smart assistance. You can open apps by performing various gestures, which can come very in handy when you’re in a hurry or just want to use your phone more effectively.

  1. Manage apps

Your integrated app management system for your Honor 8 can get a bit overzealous at times and close apps it shouldn’t. Its most frequent victims are SoundCloud and Pocket Casts. But there is a way to fix this. Go to Phone Manager > Battery > Close apps after screen lock and tick off the Close all option.

  1. Low power mode

Did you know that, besides a battery saving mode that can be activated when your phone hits critical levels, there is also a low power mode that you can keep on at all times? Use this wisely and make sure that your Honor 8’s battery life is preserved for when you need it the most. This can literally save lives, so take notes.

  1. Filter out blue light

Your Honor 8’s screen settings allow you to select an option that filters out blue light. This makes using your phone a lot easier on the eyes. Although smartphones aren’t the most damaging thing, if you use yours a lot it will take its toll on your eyesight. Filtering out blue light is a good way to avoid that.

  1. Use split screen mode

Split screen mode is a brand new EMUI 5 function that comes in anticipation of Android O. so why no use it right now? Simply long-press the overview button to activate it, then enjoy multi-tasking on your Honor 8 smartphone.



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