Top 7 Registry Cleaning Apps For Android 4.0+ and later

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There is a lot of benefits of clearing your Android Cache Memory and History.

Your Android Device might remember all stored settings and preferences even if you uninstalled and reinstall the app.This lags app response time and therefore slow your Phone Down.


Registry Cleaning apps Will clear all Cache and History used by your phone by just 1 click..

In this article i’ll show you my top ten Registry Cleaning Apps For Android  4.0+ and later.

Top 7 Android Registry Cleaner

1 Clean Master

This app  utilizes your Memory usage , it Boost and kill background Task  – Boosting apps and games speed is much easier with Clean Master.
Clean  and Delete those junk files including  (cache and residual) that take up valuable storage space

2 Avast-Free

avast! Mobile Security keeps your device safe from viruses, malware, and spyware and also Clear Your Memory Cache

3 App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner,is  a quick and easy  tool for clearing application cached files. just a single Tap to clean all cached files for getting more available space. You don’t have to ROOT the phone anymore!

4 Touch Cleaner

Do you Want more free space to install apps  or are your Android Phone moving slow with intensive data and cache storage? Then 1-Touch Cleaner is the app to get to , to free space by clearing cache created by apps. You can get more space by getting rid of app cache which is created for temporary use by apps.


5 Tap Cleaner

Tap Cleaner is simple just tap to clean all cache, search histories and calls log. A defaults cleaner is also included.

6 Clear Memory

this app makes your phone faster by cleaning the  memory of chosen applications and view a list of applications it also select apps to clean memory.
clean memory clear.

Cache Clear

Cache Clear” is a fast clearing app that can   help you clear up your cache . After cleaning up these useless data, you Android  system will be effectively optimized, so it runs more efficiently


 android Registry Cleaner

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