Tips and Guidelines in Making High Quality Articles for SEO


Good quality articles are greatly needed especially in Search Engine Optimization. It is a very essential element that helps a particular website to increase its popularity or ranking by gaining high traffic. However, making articles for SEO purposes is not easy as writing and posting. There are several things that should be considered like interesting titles, content impact, keywords and its proper placing, hyperlinks and more. A writer must know how to make his article significant. Here are some tips and guidelines in making high quality articles for SEO.

 Tips and Guidelines in Making High Quality Articles for SEO

1.       Think of a good subject to write. It should be related to a particular website that is going to be optimized. The subject must be interesting, entertaining, valuable or informative. like hubspot blog idea

2.       Choose appropriate tags, keywords and key phrases that would be relevant to your subject. You may make use of some keyword tool or keyword generators to get a good keyword for your article.

NOTE: Keywords and tags are being registered through scripts that are sent by search engines on various websites. Contents will then be evaluated and analyzed whether the content is grammatically correct, if keyword density is appropriate and if links are relevant to the content. Keywords are highly needed so that search engines will be able to find your content.

3.       Create your article. Make a good title. Something that could capture the reader’s eye. When making a title, include the keyword in it. Moreover, the keyword should also be found on the first sentence or at least on the first paragraph. Do not overuse keywords in your paragraph. Appropriate keyword density ranges from 1-3% which is around 3 times on the whole article. Highlight keywords. Make it in bold or italics form. You must also add a short description on your article that also uses the keyword. Description should be 120-140 characters long. It must be brief, positive, descriptive and attractive for potential readers.

Tips and Guidelines in Making High Quality Articles for SEO


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You can use Snippet Optimizer to test your title and description. It helps in creating high quality articles for SEO.

4.       Add in relevant images. It is also good to include hyperlinks on your article. Highlight a phrase and create a link to a good website that is related to your subject. Make sure that the website is highly reliable that provides relevant information about your topic. Perhaps, it is convenient to insert URLs from news sites like,,,, and more.

5.       The most important thing, be careful with grammar and spellings. High quality articles for SEO are 100% error-free.

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