Samsung Galaxy S5: 2014’s Most Powerful Smartphone

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From tough comparisons among the latest Smartphones on the market, Samsung Galaxy S5 is highly anticipated as the most powerful smartphone for 2014.  It has already been launched on selected countries and made available for pre-order basis by which its official release is scheduled sometime on April 2014.The Samsung Galaxy S4 will still remain a robust and innovative Smartphone. Everybody is excited to avail the product as soon as it will be available on the market. Some of its highlights include the following:

1 Powerful processing system – Samsung Galaxy S5 is manufactured and equipped with high-end devices and enhanced with latest mobile technologies. It is furnished with a 2GB RAM and a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 805 processor that makes it the sharpest and most functional Smartphone ever made in the world of mobile phones.

2 Best screen display – The S5 model is a bit bigger compared to other Galaxy S series. It comes with wider and clearer screen on a 5.10 inch display. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 that offers great visual experience with no sign of blur and grainy elements.

3 Large Storage capacity – It has 16GB storage capacity but around 35% to 40% is being utilized by its installed programs. Therefore, only 10 GB is available free space that users may utilize. However, it has a MicroSD card slot allowing users to expand its storage capacity as much as 32GB.



4 16Megapixel Camera with sharp auto-focus – It is equipped with 16MP camera on LED flash and a complex HDR mode. It has the fastest auto focus for around 3 seconds time only making it the best Smartphone with excellent photo capture proficiency.

5 Dust and Water Resistant – S5 is delicately built with a solid sealed body preventing dust and water to get inside. Thus it is 100% resistant to dust and water.
6 Power-Saving feature – Samsung Galaxy S5 uses Ultra Power Saving technology that helps in preserving its 2800mAh battery for long period of use. By just switching power-saving mode on, in 10 seconds, the display turns monochrome and shows only few important apps on the screen.

7 Fingerprint Reader –It is crafted and enhanced with fingerprint recognition technology. It is very convenient to use that offers ultimate security allowing users to unlock their phones through their finger prints. Thus, Galaxy S5 is perfect for private personal use keeping user’s files 100% protected.

8 Heart Rate Monitor –Another feature added to Galaxy S5 is the heart rate monitor allowing users to monitor their heartbeat. This feature works with the S Health App. By just laying the thumb on the sensor located below the camera, you will know your heartbeat in an instant.

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If you are looking for the most practical phone to use on your daily endeavour, Samsung Galaxy S5 is perfectly the one that you need. With all its remarkable features, definitely, you won’t feel regretful for grabbing one.

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