How to fix woocommerce 404 error Product Page:Permalink

404 Error often occurs when the permalink is not set.The Permalink is either corrupt or altered..One Of the most often cause of woocomerce 404 error is when the .Htaccess file was tampered or changed.In this article i will be showing you How to fix woocommerce 404 error Product Page.


I will be assuming that you are using the Woocommerce Plugin.

What Cause woocommerce 404 error

A changed of the .Htaccess file .When you have Renamed Htaccess to something else like Htaccess-old.


How to fix woocommerce 404 error Product Page

Navigate to Your WordPress–Settings>>>Permalinks

How to fix woocommerce 404 error Product Page:Permalink


Under common settings. Select Post Name



Within the Option Menu.Put These In the box

Product category base——-/shop

Product tag Base————-product-tag



How to fix woocommerce 404 error Product Page:Permalink


Now that you have set the Product Category Base Page To Shop ..The  Product Permalink base should be set now.

Below Option  You will see Product permalink base.

Select the Custom Base Tab and Place this in it

Custom Base—–/product




Click Save Changes!!


Now Reload the Page and you should not see 404, page cannot be found error..





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  • Genc

    Hi, thanks a lot this works fine, when you fix this than the other category links out of shop doesnt work, the same problem :S ?

  • Fernando Ruiz

    Worked for me aswell…

  • Paul Irvine

    Credit where credit is due, this was driving me insane for nearly 2 hours as the “third level” of the shop kept causing a “404” error. Thanks for restoring my sanity!

  • Quirine

    Thank you soooo much!

  • Carla Cerruti

    You are the best!!! Thanks a lot :)